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Sunshinecast Ep 60 - British Composer Ethan Lewis Maltby

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 27th November 2012  and on Tuesday 18th June 2013
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Ethan Lewis Maltby In November 2012, I interviewed British composer Ethan Maltbyabout his work.

Maltby is based in Canterbury, Kent and writes music for TV, Theatre, Cinema and the Concert Hall.

From his website:

Maltby has scored many films and animations covering many different genres. He has collaborated with Spanish filmmaker Jesús Monllaó on several projects, scoring the award winning ‘La Mirada Oblique’, ‘Gloria’, and ‘The Legacy’, and also with animator Kam-Li Cheng on her stunning animations, ‘The Highwayman’ and ‘Avatara’. In late 2006, Maltby scored ‘Waste Man’, the Channel 4 documentary on artist Antony Gormley and his sculpture. In theatre, Maltby composed the soundtrack for the first British virtual reality stage play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, the score for Hungarian play ‘Bloodletting’ and several musicals including ‘Courtenay’ (with lyricist Christopher Neame).In 2004 Maltby created, composed and directed ‘Noise Ensemble’, a percussion show which has been touring since 2006. This spectacular show has played extensively in UK theatres and venues including The South Bank Centre, Wembley Stadium and on TV’s Blue Peter. It has also toured Russia, Belgium, Holland, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway and Cyprus. He also composed the score for the 2008 and 2009 FA Cup Final Opening Ceremonies – his track ‘FA Overture’ has since become the players walk-on anthem for all major FA games.

Today, you can hear that interview again, as well as a great many examples of his work. Ethan Maltby is one of the most exiting young British composers working today. He recently completed the score for the film Fill De Cain - Watch the official trailer:  

FILL DE CAIN English Subtitles OFFICIAL TRAILER (by Hijo de Cain La Pelicula)

To find out more about Ethan Lewis Maltby and his work visit

Son of Cain - film score by Ethan Lewis Maltby

Long time, no blog post!

Hello again, lovely radio-listening friends. I am not the most tech-savvy individual ever born, as many of you already know. I try (some might say I’m trying - an old joke, sorry if you’re too young/too not-English, and don’t get it) but things just go wrong. For one reason or another, there have been no posts from me here on the show’s blog for a gazillion eons (well, over a year) and no podcasts, either. Time to change that, huh?
Here goes…

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Sunshinecast Ep 52 - Folkin’ Marvellous! Folk Week with Rudy Warman

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 14th July 2012
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Long time, no podcast!

This show is full of the best artists of the Broadstairs Folk Week Fringe Festival, with a live interview and acoustic performance by Rudy Warman, who is sure to be a future headliner of Folk Week.

Rudy Warman 


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Sunshinecast Ep 51 - Animals with Amazing Disguises, Two Blondes and a Threesome 

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 5th June 2012
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Animals with amazing disguises, two blondes and a Threesome in today’s show, as I chat with the manager of scottish band Stanley about their forthcoming 7” vinyl release, interview beautiful Leeds based singer-songwriter Jen Armstrong about her EP, due to be released this Friday, and play tracks by the lovely Kentish singer-songwriter Kelly Stanley.


Band 'Stanley'

In today’s Sunshinecast, I’ll be chatting with the manager of awesome Scottish band Stanley about their album ‘Animals With Amazing Disguises’ and playing their song ‘Threesome’,  about which manager Steve Amos told me yesterday:

"This song is NOT available on the album "Animals with Amazing Disguises" but will be on our 7" single re-release of "Sandwiches & Tea".  You can go down in history as playing it first :)"

Well, huzzah! I’ve played tracks from the album, and I especially love ‘Edit The Night’ as regular listeners will know, but I am a teensy bit excited (okay, very excited) about playing ‘Threesome’ in today’s show. With all the wit of Jarvis Cocker, the charm of The Divine Comedy, an exceptional lead vocalist and lush arrangements, Stanley will inspire and entertain the most discerning of listeners.

You can buy Stanley’s music on their website : And visit their Facebook page:


Jen Armstrong

Also in today’s show, beautiful Leeds-based singer-songwriter Jen Armstrong will be back for a chat about her forthcoming EP ‘Cyber Girl’, which is to be released on Friday 8th June.

I interviewed Jen on May 15th about her adventures in LA and her plans for her music, and today I’ll be asking her how the visa application is going and playing some tracks from the forthcoming EP. The title track is being released on Thursday 7th June as a single. Here’s a teensy taste of the new single:

You’ll be able to buy it from Jen Armstrong on Bandcamp 
Check out Jen Armstrong’s website: 
And visit her Facebook page:


Kelly Stanley

I’m pleased to be able play some tracks today by young singer songwriter Kelly Stanley, who I met recently when I payed an acoustic set at a Jubilee weekend music festval that she organised.

Kelly Stanley’s vocal style and arrangements are reminiscent of the Cranberries in some ways, and her lyrics are brutally honest. She’s a genuinely likeable person and I’m hoping to get her to come play live in the Sunshine Studio on a  future episode of the show.
'Becoming' is available to download or buy on CD from Bandcamp:

Visit Kelly Stanley’s facebook page:


I’m back!

I’ve been rrrubbish at posting podcasts here. I’ve still been doing the live show, but not uploading any podcasts. Sorry. Life in the real world took over for a while, but I’m back and uploading podcasts will resume immediately.

Watch this space…

Public Emilie: The 24 Hour Musician: Rights, Respect and Exploitation


For fun, this afternoon I googled Why are musicians so expensive? And as expected, there were no relevant results. I then typed Why are plumbers so expensive? and clicked search. A barrage of related sites appeared with suggestions ranging from high overheads and high demand to it’s a…

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Sunshinecast Ep 37 - Mr. Payne 

This ain’t just noise, this is music 

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 28th February and Saturday 3rd March 2012
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Mr. Payne is a UK rap artist from Folkestone in south east England with a passion for rhymes and flow.


I met Mr. Payne back in October last year, when I was privileged to attend an event organised by the lovely Di and Louie Burns of Bluesky Pie Promotions at England’s finest cheese grater, the Quarterhouse Theatre in Folkestone, Kent.  This being an unsigned artists showcase night, I’d been expecting sensitive singer songwriters perched atop  bar stools nervously exposing their souls,  guitarists playing enthusiastic acoustic cover versions of the latest chart hits and bands showcasing new original material. There was all of that and it was all pretty good.

Some of it was excellent (be sure to check out the outstanding songwriting and musicianship of contemporary acoustic trio Arcelia, who played on the night, if you haven’t already), but Mr. Payne was like nothing I expected. I used to think I didn’t like rap,  but this guy blew me away - his lyrics are witty, charming, insightful and compassionate, lyrical and musical in equal measure, and delivered with measured power and rhythmic grace. Yes, really.  Listen to him rap live and acapella in this show, and see for yourself.

C3U records is a small independent label run by and for students at Canterbury Christ Church University. This year’s signings are Elle Rayenne and Patrick Channon.

This show features the the new singles ‘Celestial Navigation’ by Elle Rayenne and ‘Holding Out’ by Patrick Channon (due for release in march 2012). Read more here.

This was a very good week for new music - Sunshinecast favourite Funké and the TwoTone Baby officially released his  second EP at midnight on Monday 2th February

and I’m excited about having been able to play some of it in this show.  The six-track EP Injustice and Queen  is available from Bandcamp and will be on iTunes and all the usual suspects shortly. Here’s what the official press release says:

Once again enlisting the production talents of ex-Death in Vegas guitarist, Ian Button, ‘Injustice & Queen’ features six all-new tracks from the beatboxing, stompboxing, loop-inducing contemporary bluesman. Although still reliant on the traditional staples, guitar and harmonica, Funké’s new offering presents a modern technological twist to engage blues fans old and new.

Yurrs. Truth, that. He also bashes the blazes out his guitar when he’s performing live, strumming so hard that he snapped a string last time he played live in the sunshine studio, such is the raw energy in his playing. Funke will be back to play live on the show again on Tuesday 10th April. 

Go buy the 6 track EP Injustice and Queen on Bandcamp:

and Find out more about Funke on his website:


I’m pleased to report that the show features Gig-X-Change's Song of the Week again this week.  This week’s track is The Place Where Sounds Awake by Bob Dean.

There’s also new music from a whole bunch of other talented artists, including:
Jen Armstrong (my new favourite female singer-songwriter, a Leeds girl currently on a musical adventure in LA), Abezilla (from the Pied Piper Promotions radio submissions syndicate), Edwin Miles (I’m a still a bit swoony about his music at the moment), Suicide Si (acoustic punk poet), The Undercurrent (rock, and quite a bit heavier than I usually play, but really rather good), Rosco Levee (debut album released on 17 February), Emily Sargant (amazing sixteen year old singer songwriter) and my band DaylightSaving.

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Sunshinecast Ep 36 - Pancake Day

It’s pancake day! [insert generic joke about ‘tossing’ here]

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 21st February and Saturday 25th February 2012 You can subscribe to the rss feed for the show, grab it with a bunch of podcatchers, you can get it with iTunes, or from right here, right now. Download (right-click & save as)

Yep, it’s Shrove Tuesday, aka pancake day, aka ‘so what if you didn’t get any valentines cards, have some pancakes’ day. Today’s Sunshinecast has absolutely nothing to do with pancakes. It has music in it. You could listen to the music while you eat your pancakes, if you like. Happy Tuesday. Pancakes 

PS: Got some new Americana in today’s show, also some pop and some rock, including the song ‘Pure Confessions’ by Taking Down Titans, which is Gig-X-Change's Song of The Week.

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Sunshinecast Ep 35 – Dark Valentines
It’s love Jim, but not as we know it

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 14th February and Saturday 18th February 2012 You can subscribe to the rss feed for the show, grab it with a bunch of podcatchers, you can get it with iTunes, or from right here, right now. Download (right-click & save as)

For this Valentines Day Special show, I had a plan.

Sad_Robot_by_NightMother_NiMo I knew exactly how it was going to go, and it went perfectly  started off well. I’d collected  buckets full of love songs and songs about love by UK independent artists, none of the same tired old tat the mainstream stations have been playing to death for  you, my dear and lovely radio-listening friends. There was going to be an hour of happy romantic love songs and an hour of songs about love for the anti-valentines crowd, remember me saying that? Yeah.  That didn’t happen. mended heartWhat did happen was that I played two hours of love songs and songs about love in no particular order.  Some were exquisitely lovely and sweetly romantic, some rather disturbingly dark, some triumphant “Thank you for the pain” anthems, and some sad and sorry tales of betrayal and broken hearts. In conclusion, Valentines Day is a schmaltz-fest invented to sell cards; flowers and pink-plastic-red-fluffy-chocolate-covered-heart-shaped-whatever; UK Independent artists write s0me great songs about lurrrve; and I am a rrrubbish radio presenter.  Good songs though. Enjoy. With love, but perhaps not so much sunshine as you might like, Kate.

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Sunshinecast Ep34 - Eclectic Electric with added Picturebox

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 7th February and Saturday 11th February 2012

You can subscribe to the rss feed for the show, grab it with a bunch of podcatchers, you can get it with iTunes, or from right here, right now.

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This week, my plans for the show changed suddenly,  so I asked the good people of Facebook what they thought I should play this week. However, the good people of Facebook were all out  having  a dirty weekend in Google+ so the only person who answered me was Robert Halcrow from the band Picturebox. He said that I should play a bit of everything and (this part shocked me) “especially some Picturebox. They’re so groovy”. I’d already decided not to play acoustic stuff this week, because I’ve played a lot of that lately, so there you have it then. An eclectic electric playlist, with added Picturebox.

Picturebox bandcamp bannerPicturebox describe their sound as lo-fi pop, melodic music from the cathedral city of Canterbury. They have songs about hedgehogs, football, French pop, tennis, girls, tennis girls, cakes and tea parties. I don’t know why.

As an extra treat, here’s Picturebox’s latest EP ‘YouSay No’, to brighten up your day. You Say No EP (now available to download at Bandcamp) by Picturebox for the bargain price of £2 ($3.16)

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Sunshinecast Ep33 - Girls Go Wild!

Well, perhaps not quite wild. In fact, we might have just played some acoustic tunes and chatted a bit about stuff. Y’know.

Broadcast on Gashouse Radio Tuesday 31st January and Saturday 4th February 2012

You can subscribe to the rss feed for the show, grab it with a bunch of podcatchers, you can get it with iTunes, or from right here, right now.

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Ellie Jamison

In this episode of Kate’s  Sunshinecast, there’s a chat and some tunes from Suffolk-based singer-songwriter Ellie Jamison, who’s working on her first EP at the moment. I chatted with Ellie on Thursday of last week, via Skype and it was rather a grown-up, sensible presenter and musician talking about music type of interview (albeit with a little bit of me cooing over the fact that Ellie has twin toddlers) and all in all, fairly dignified.

Katy Haymer playing live

Then, on Monday night, Katy Haymer came over to the studio to play an acoustic session and ‘have a little bit of a  chat’. H’mmn.  This picture (left) is of Katy playing live. See how sensible she appears to be?  And they say the camera never lies…

I chatted with Katy about her new acoustic EP which is due for release in the next month and the album she’s currently working on, and she played a few songs. Then we set the world to rights, as you do. 

There’s also new music from sixteen year old singer songwriter Emily Sargant, female-fronted alternative acoustic band Hook and superb jazz and blues vocalist Claire Simone. It’s got some songs by bands featuring the male of the species, too,  because not all boys are smelly.

Katy Haymer and Kate Lynn-Devere
Katy Haymer (left) and Kate Lynn-Devere

Love and sunshine!